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EST. | 2015




Canada is known for diversity, but what comes with our diversity is the question, what is Canadian?  


Sult Pierogi Bar answers that question with food. Taking an eastern European classic and combining it with world inspired flavours and toppings using canadian sorced seasonal ingredients. The result, NEW CANADIAN CUISINE. Like many other Canadians have reinvented the taco, we do the same with the dumpling. Not making us An eastern Eruopean resturant but New Canadian for all to enjoy. 


In the Media

Pierogi Power at Sült Pierogi Bar

Sült” has etymological roots across Europe. In Gaelic, it refers to pork fat or a dish made of it. In Hungarian, it translates to “fried” and refers to American-style cuisine. In German, “to roast.” Scandinavian translates “Sült” to both hunger and starvation, as well as satisfaction and content. These last meanings well describe people respectively arriving and leaving the downtown Victoria restaurant of the same name.

Credit: Eat Magazine

What does it mean?!

Sult is a very old word with various meanings depending on the region or language spoken. But all over Europe no matter the place it some how involves food and the love or need for it. In Danish, Swedish and Norwegian it means hunger or starvation. In Gaelic or Estonian it refers to fat, fattines, richness, plumpness, joy, gelatin, pork fat and head cheese. A little more south in some central regions in refers to cooking methods like fried or roasted.

What to expect?

Friendly service, a warm old style enviroment and exciting modern food with a fun and customizable aspect. Borscht, cabbage rolls and goulash, amazing as they may be are not a requierment here but may be found from time to time.